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Preparation is crucial. How do you plan and write a memorable story? How to balance the analytical with the emotional, creativity with structure? Is your goal well defined and how do you make connection with your audience? And so on.


What different types of information will you use? What’s the influencing strategy you’re going to choose? How to strike the right tone, use metaphors or graphs? What does a good visual look like? What are strong openers? And so on.


How to use the three pillars of presenting: voice, breathing and silence? Does your body language reinforce or undermine your message? How to effectively use the floor and integrate visuals in your presentation? And so on.

The visionaries aren’t always the ones who have the ideas.

The visionaries are the ones who can clearly communicate their ideas to others.

Simon Sinek



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  • managing your nerves
  • taking questions
  • handling data & figures
  • assessing the pros & cons of framing
  • practising your speech
  • dealing with distractions
  • using effective language

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