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Winston Churchill "Short words are best."

presentation training


Your people need to speak to groups of colleagues, employees or customers? Need to win their hearts and minds for their proposal, idea or product? My workshops bring them a step further. That’s how they get a step ahead.

presentation coaching


Entrepeneur? Executive? Academic? Policy maker? If as a public speaker you want to get your message across, then having some presentation skills practice with an expert will help you boost your confidence and impact.

compelling presenting gets you further

Influencing minds,  opening doors, winning a contract or a promotion, …
how you craft and bring your message can make all the difference.
I help you get up and running with presentations. To get your audience to listen to you. To the very last minute. 
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“You can’t start a fire without a spark.”


                                                                Bruce  Springsteen

what they say

  • Very professional trainer

    “Effective and extremely hands-on training. Recommended it to all my colleagues.”

    Jose Miguel Ollero
    Daikin Europe
  • An eye-opener

    “The coaching sessions increased my awareness that content and style go hand in hand.”

    Kristof Bolle
    TVH Parts nv
  • Lots of tips and suggestions

    “During the training I began to notice how Ignace made impact by doing all the things he was teaching us.”

    Josef Hlavāc
    Directorate-General for Translation of the European Commission
  • I've loved this training course

    “It’s a really hands-on and accessible training course to help you see beyond PowerPoint. I feel much more confident to do this (and even enthusiastic!). Thank you.”

    Helena O'Hare
    Translation Centre for the Bodies of the European Union
  • It was a wonderful experience

    “It was a pleasure being trained by such an experienced professional.”

    dr. Johanna Tzanidaki
  • Very useful

    “I was challenged to make my message a lot clearer, to give examples, to use a neat structure and to deliver it enthusiastically.”

    Anne-Marie Rasschaert
    TVH Parts nv
  • Very interesting and extremely useful

    “What I found very effective as well was that every tip and clue was being used by Ignace in real-time.”

    Jacek Osmólski
    Daikin Europe
  • Highly interactive and impactful

    “Would love to have a follow-up training to further finetune my presentation skills.”

    Frederik Demets
  • Brilliant

    “Extremely useful for anyone having to speak in public.”

    Eftychia Provelengiou
    Translation Centre for the Bodies of the European Union
  • Amazing training

    “Intense. Challenging. Original. Enriching.”

    Laura Nuñez Barez
    Joint Research Centre, Ispra (It)
  • Constructive learning environment

    “Good pace, hands-on and actionable. Ignace was constantly switching between individual feedback and useful tips to the benefit of the whole group.”

    Thomas Lambrecht
  • Very informative and instructive

    “I’ve learned so much. Thank you.”

    Tom De Vries
    Fidea Insurances
  • Practice, practice, practice

    “Ignace created a safe and comfortable training environment that allowed me to feel at ease while practising.”

    Emily-Jane Bowles
    MSD Europe Inc.
  • Passionate

    “For sure one of the best workshops I’ve joined in years. I’ve already shared the positieve vibes with HR.”

    Elena Sciarini
    Daikin Europe
  • Very useful

    “The Storytelling workshop was interesting and inspiring, with good exercises.”

    Nita Tennila
    European Court of Auditors (Lux)
  • An excellent investment of my time

    “This training will give me confidence and ability to facilitate my career through powerful presentations.”

    Janet Avraamides
    JRC (I)
  • Fruitful and relevant

                                              “The tailor-made workshop “Storytelling” was a real hands-on experience walked through at our own pace.                                                                     Apart from the many tools we we learned, we also practised and took a new skill home.”

    Margarida Brites Nunes
    Publications Office of the European Union (Lux)
  • Very supportive!

    “I’ve never had so much feedback on my presentations. Thank you, Ignace!”

    Frank Uyttendaele
  • Very interesting!

    Long time since I’ve been so captivated by a training.

    Bert Lamon
    Flemish Agency for Innovation & Entrepreneurship
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