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quality is never an accident 5 essentials of my approach

words that work

Your language needs to hit the mark, so your words must be clear and direct. Do you say ‘powernap’ or ‘doze’? ‘Estate tax’ or ‘death tax’? ‘75% fat free’ or ’25 % fat’? Words matter! Your presentations gain impact when you use words that work.

the brain, the brain!

As soon as you become aware of the fickle ways of the brain you’ll never present in the same way again. You will take into account the frail attention span of your listeners and their forgetting curve. You’ll know what keeps the craving brain focused (change, powerful visuals) and what turns it off (‘synergy’, ”employability’ and bulleted slides on speed).

practice makes better

Practice is the backbone of my approach. I will gently guide you as to what you’re doing well and what you can improve on. You will get loads of hands-on suggestions and new insights will help deepen your learning. Because quality is never an accident but the result of intelligent effort.

tailored to your needs

Your learning needs are my only concern. No single coaching or training follows the same standard outline. My broad expertise allows me to deal with things as they occur, whether they’re about structure, dealing with questions or distractions, managing stress, redesigning the visuals, rethinking the influence strategy, and so on.

psychosocial arsenal

Often more is needed than good content, eye contact or a good structure. Presenting requires an overall approach: if you want to influence others it is a good idea to be acquainted with psychological principles such as decision paralysis, the loss aversion concept, the Sinatra test and so forth. It’s important to use them wisely though.

my craft & my fire I love what I do. I do what I love.

Ignace Eliano

In the early winter of 2017 I made a decision. That after years of all-round-trainership in communication and leadership topics I would concentrate on what I was most passionate about. From now on my only focus would be on the incredibly fascinating craft of presenting.  

‘Meeting skills’, ‘customer service’, ‘writing reports’, ‘dealing with complaints’, ‘leadership’, ‘handling conflicts’, ‘stress prevention’ are just some of the interesting topics I have covered over the years. But along the way I realised I had little time over to nurture my main passion of presenting.

Since then my ship has sailed under one flag and that has given me energy and focus. I’ve come to believe firmly that specialisation benefits clients, it gives them confidence knowing they’re in good hands.  

I’m excited about all things presenting and part of that fascination goes back to my education in linguistics and literature. But it’s broader than language and story. It brings together and allows me to indulge in all of my obsessions. Language. Imagery. Psychology. Communication. Rhetorics. Neuroscience. This is what makes my heart sing.

Due to my experience in oral and written communication, leadership and stress management I am at the same time capable of keeping a broad perspective in the field of presentations. I had a managerial role in a large bank for ten years and am familiar with the fundamentals of everyday life on the working floor.  

I help everyone having to speak in public get up and running with presentations, in big or small organizations, at home and abroad. I work in Dutch as well as in English. For French I work together with an excellent and driven colleague.  

People learn better in an open, safe and friendly atmosphere. That’s why I strive to be positive, encouraging and supportive. What else is typical of my approach? Respect, humour, transparency, exemplary behaviour, equivalency and a solution focus. And last but not least: I take confidentiality seriously. 

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